Testing and validating automated driving systems via ENABLE-S3

En el marco de la colaboración existente con STA, AVL ofrece a los socios de STA la posibilidad de registrarse gratuitamente para el webinar: Testing and validating automated driving systems via ENABLE- S3.

Increasing automation of cyber-physical systems (ACPS)—as used in self-driving cars—contributes significantly to the pursuit of overcoming traffic rule violations and accidents caused by human drivers.

Although highly automated systems already exist, there is a lack of cost-effective, commonly accepted verification & validation (V&V) methods and tools, creating a barrier to the market introduction of these systems.

The major challenge is seen in the interaction of the safety-critical systems with the environment; not only should the system itself be tested, but also its correct reaction to the behavior and specifics of the surroundings. This leads to a huge number of potential scenarios that every automation system has to handle in a safe way.
For three years, 68 European partners from six domains have worked in a joint research project known as ENABLE-S3 to investigate V&V methods for highly automated cars, airplanes, trains, ships and medical and farming equipment.

In this 60-minute webinar Jürgen Holzinger presents the methods and key results of three years of research, with a focus on the automotive domain. Jürgen is Program Manager of the AVL List GmbH’s ADAS project house. He is in charge of managing and coordinating the ADAS Project House activities. Jürgen was also responsible of the ADAS related tasks covered in the ENABLE-S3 project

Fecha: 29 de octubre a las 16h

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