The market for in-cabin sensing technology is growing exponentially.

The need to improve the vehicles safety with the clear target of Vision 0 is increasing the number of sensors inside the cabin to monitor driver and occupants.

In this matter, Euro NCAP is supporting this development by adding new scoring functions every year. Use cases such as seat belt reminder, driver monitoring system and child presence detection are clear examples.

In this webinar, Euro NCAP will present the roadmap for In cabin sensing for 2030 while NEXTIUM and IBV will explain the different technologies foreseen to meet these requirements.



Adriano Palao Bernal
Technical Manager ADAS/AD at Euro NCAP
Joan Gemio Valero
Product Engineering Master at NEXTIUM
José Solaz Sanahuja
Scientific Director and Head of Innovation at IBV
Sergi Domeyó Fauró
Member of the Board of Directors at STA
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