The following themes are suggested and authors are invited to send papers accordingly.

Power & Green Technologies, Vehicle Electronics, Advanced Components

A.1. Gasolina angines & emissions
A.2. Diesel angines & emissions
A.3. Fuels & Lubricants
A.4. Transmissions
A.5. Hybrid Vehicles
A.6. Electric Vehicles
A.7. Fuel Cell Vehicles
A.8. Engine Control
A.9. Suspension Control
A.1O. Brakes Management
A.11. Comfort Management
A.12. Safety Management
A.13. Fuel Cells
A.14. Electric Motors
A.15. Batteries
A.16. New Materials

Vehicle Dynamics  (Type of Vehicles), Noise, Vibration & Harshness

B.1. Suspensions
B.2. Steering Systems
B.3. Brakes
B.4. Tyres
B.5. Advanced Dynamic Vehicle Control
B.6. Stability
B.7. Tyre Noise
B.8. Engine Noise
B.9. Other Sources of Noise
B.1O. Sound Quality in Cars


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