Formula Student Spain 2017
The Formula Student Spain is a nonprofit competition organized by the FISITA societies, such as STA, where engineering university students across the world compete in the development, construction and driving of a competition single-seater vehicle.

For this event to be held, professional volunteers are required to participate as judges, scrutineers and Marshalls for the different areas.

If you are interested in being part of our FSS volunteer team, please send an email to  expressing your interest in the FSS volunteer experience. Please attach in this email a brief professional CV in order to let it reach the Technical Directors of the different areas. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.  



For the Cost & Manufacturing Selection:

The judge of the Cost & Manufacturing area is of an engineer or technician ideally specialized in the analysis of manufacturing, being capable for estimating the cost of a piece in accordance with its geometry, material and process. Additionally, the ideal candidate should be able to address the different possibilities and determine the ideal option of manufacturing a specific component according to its cost and design and question the decisions between content and cost, make or buy decisions and understanding the differences between prototype and mass production.

For the Design Selection:
The ideal profile is that of a Superior Engineer or a technician with expertise in one of the following areas; aerodynamics, suspension, vehicle dynamics, mainframe, Powertrain, Electricity, electric propulsion and batteries. The ideal candidate should be able to evaluate the different solutions that have been implemented in the competition vehicles as well as automobiles. The candidate should also question the decisions taken by the teams and evaluate the state of the art of these ones.

For the Business Selection:
The candidate should be a professional in the finance, marketing, quality, sales and Project management sectors, with capacity to discarnate the technical viability as well as that of the projects business to be exposed by the teams. The ability to evaluate the featured projects together with the businesses direct selling exposed by the teams will be the key skills of said profile. 


The Scrutineering area is headed by IDIADA, however volunteers of other businesses are more than welcome; even though a large number of volunteers come from IDIADA, profiles from GESTAMP, FICOSA etc. are also seen. The profile is the following:

The Scrutineering judge ideal profile is that of an engineer or technician with testing, certification and validation. There are already existing guidance protocols for each of the trial phases; hence, technical profiles to be formed by the team can be incorporated. 


For the Dinamics Area:
We are looking for someone with vehicle competition experience, someone who has already participated in Motorsport teams, or has been commissioner or Marshall in such events.


Jueves, 27 Julio, 2017